Born in 1937 in Lauf, Germany.
Lives and works in Germany.

Galerie Claire Gastaud
Growing up amidst forests and fields, Nils Udo nurtured a passion for nature, which he initially expressed through painting. Over time, his walks transformed him from a painter into a gatherer, temporarily trading his brushes for natural materials like wood, leaves, fruits, and stones. He would artistically reassemble these elements into poetic and ephemeral installations, often in the very places from which they were sourced. These reimagined landscapes are then captured through photography, turning the momentary compositions into lasting works of art.

In his commissioned installations around the world—from Connemara to Réunion, from Vassivière Island to Central Park—Nils Udo interacts gently with the landscape, guided by the "genius of the place." His works, whether strikingly large or diminutively small, consistently seek the perfect balance, capturing a fleeting moment of grace before it dissipates.

His photographs were featured in an exhibition titled "Habiter la Nature" at the agency in 2022.
Loïc Le Groumellec