Loïc Le Groumellec

Born in 1957 in Vannes.
Lives and works in Paris.

Galerie Françoise Livinec
Loïc Le Groumellec graduated from the École des Beaux-Arts in Rennes (France) in 1980. Just three years later, his first solo exhibition was hosted by the prestigious Yvon Lambert Gallery in Paris. His works have gradually been added to renowned collections, both private and public, such as the CAPC in Bordeaux, the Beaux-Arts in Rennes, and the Museum of Modern Arts in Paris, and have been exhibited across Europe and North America, including in Germany, Canada, Spain, and Switzerland.

Whether through paintings, wash drawings, ink sketches, or sculptures, the artist employs a minimalist, often dark and monochrome style, reflecting the austere beauty of his native Brittany. His work primarily revolves around three emblematic Breton forms: the granite house, the cross symbol, and, of course, the megalith. More recently, he has turned his attention to the geometric engravings that decorate dolmens and tumuli, now exploring these motifs in color.

The theme of the 2021 exhibition at the agency, "Habiter/penser" (Living/Thinking), resonated directly with new concerns about dwelling and its representations in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The exhibition was held in conjunction with the 2021 ArchiJeunes competition organized by Valode & Pistre, which focused on the theme "Living, Tomorrow".
Jean-Pierre Raynaud