François Morellet

Born in 1926 in Cholet.
Died in 2016 in Cholet.
François Morellet, a major French artist of the second half of the 20th century, is considered one of the founders of Kinetic Art and a major figure in Minimal and Geometric Art. From the early 1950s until his death, Morellet focused on pure geometry and mathematical sequences, regardless of the medium or scale (paintings, drawings, sculptures, adhesive works, neon light installations, and architectural integrations).

His weather-responsive installation "Passe-temps," adorning the façade of the MOODS building, headquarters of the Société du Grand Paris, is a light sculpture animated according to the weather (sun, clouds, or rain), visible from the trains, playfully mirroring station conversations about "the weather." It was inaugurated in 2019, three years after his death.
Yann Kersalé